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Mission-critical training for defense operations

Military, law enforcement and emergency management personnel rely on knowledge acquired during their training to make life-saving decisions in the field. Memre’s adaptive training software for the military and law enforcement builds mission-ready service-personnel who can be deployed seamlessly from the classroom to the field.

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Benefits to Defense Operations

Build lasting knowledge

From the time service personnel take their training, until the time they are deployed to the field, knowledge fades at an increasing rate. In fact, 75% of knowledge fades within 48 hours of learning. Memre is designed to reverse the forgetting curve with frequent training intervals spaced over time, delivered just when memory starts to fade. Improved learning effectiveness and efficiency enable split-second decisions in the field.

Minimize study time

Training for sustainment requires agile solutions that work at the speed of need. Memre significantly reduces study time by designing a personalized study schedule for each service member. Eliminating the cognitive burden of knowing what and when to study, the solution guides trainees through short training sessions, for only a few minutes each day, to keep their knowledge resilient and effective. 

Measure readiness

Memre analytics tools give leadership real-time, actionable insights. Instructors can track and analyze individual and team progress on an intuitive dashboard. They can identify and help learners who are struggling early on, and make improvements to close knowledge gaps. Memre helps leaders train and develop personnel who can effectively serve in the front lines.


Apply knowledge with immersive training

Today’s military and law enforcement training utilizes simulation and virtual technologies for immersive learning. Memre integrates seamlessly via embedded, SCORM-compliant, interactive environments. The adaptive learning platform can transition from fundamental lessons to VR and AR-based activities to improve learner engagement, build retention, and develop life-saving skills in virtual classrooms. 

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AI-optimized learning at scale

Memre machine algorithms analyze every user interaction on the platform to determine the duration, frequency, and depth of content optimized for each individual learner. This personalized approach can scale from a squad to an entire division in a highly secure environment. Human-centered AI enables service personnel to recall and apply knowledge with precision and confidence, when they need it, for as long as they need it.  

Case study

U.S. Army reduces training time by up to 48% with Memre


Reduction in lecture time

Leading Government and Defense Organizations Build Expertise with Memre.


Transform your training system into adaptive learning

With a solid foundation in cognitive science and an adaptive technology powered by AI, Memre has been embraced by the U.S. military for its mission-critical training needs. Extending memory for lasting knowledge, Memre is a natural fit for the military to enable its sustainment and readiness operations. It is also a natural partner for defense contractors that provide strategic solutions to the military. 

Defense contractors can power their instructional technology with Memre through seamless integration with standard LTI or a simple, secure, RESTful API. Learn how to integrate Memre to your existing learning environment.

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