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Power your learning ecosystem with our memory retention technology and...

provide your learners with confidence to perform

help them accomplish their goals

ensure your content is truly engaged with

Transform how your organization teaches and trains. Lead change.

Today life moves at a fast pace with constant change. Just keeping up requires continual education. Getting ahead, on the other hand, demands effective learning that is efficient. Memre is designed to help your organization build and retain lasting knowledge for your learners by optimizing each learner's memory. Create expertise faster, for longer, to drive change.

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Drive real behavioral change in higher learning, career and leadership development, technical instruction, and skills training. Unlock the benefits of Memre to meet KPIs and exceed your organization’s objectives.

Improve Performance

Engaged users, motivated to learn, will do their best work to improve their own performance, while carrying your organization to new heights. So you can improve student grades and graduation rates, increase employee retention and satisfaction, reduce costs, increase revenues and profits.

Reduce learning time

Memre can reduce training time by half, optimizing memory for efficient knowledge retention. Whether you are graduating students into professional careers, or growing the careers of professionals.

Optimize content retention

Maximize the learning potential of your students, employees and recruits, by extending the capabilities of your existing instructional technology. Augment your e-learning tools for better insights, personalize them for higher engagement, strengthen memory for lasting knowledge and expertise.  



Built on cognitive science, and powered by Al, Memre can drive all learning in your organization. Use it on its own, or integrate it to your existing LMS with a simple API. Increase operational effectiveness with a secure learning solution with a flexible infrastructure in the cloud. Deliver learning wherever and however your users prefer to interact - online, offline, in person, remotely, on a mobile app, or seamlessly within your own training and learning platform.

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Human-centered AI

Memre’s patented machine algorithms learn as students learn. The solution analyzes millions of user interactions, behavior, and patterns to develop a personalized learning journey for each user. The optimum time and length of study, the difficulty and frequency of review material and testing are calibrated for each individual’s skill and knowledge level. Notifications remind users to study before the exact moment when their memory starts to fade. All designed to fortify their knowledge retention for the long-term.

Predictive analytics

With a simple and intuitive dashboard, you can view and monitor student progress in real time for actionable insights. Assess who is learning the material, at what rate, and how effectively. Identify learning gaps amongst participants to take corrective action early, to ensure they succeed before they even take the exam.

Spaced learning

Benefit from more efficient and effective learning methods founded on cognitive science principles. Reduce and offset natural memory decay with short bursts of training distributed over time. Enable students, staff and service personnel to extend memory to retain, recall and apply knowledge with accuracy and confidence, when they need it, for as long as they need it.


Case study

NYU College of Dentistry Reduces Learning Hours by 50% with Memre


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Reduction in learning hours

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