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Professional Training

Create expertise for a rapidly changing world.

Technology is transforming the way we work, faster than we can keep pace. When complex new products, and even entire industries, get created seemingly overnight, the pool of expertise for those new categories remains limited to only a few people. That is why businesses are looking to accelerate efficient and effective learning with Memre. To deepen knowledge and apply it whenever and wherever it is needed. Memre is creating expertise to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in a world transforming beyond its imagination.

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Develop and boost careers

Provide training and certification for professions that require the use of proprietary systems, technologies, tools, machinery, and processes. Create expertise in the skills and the professions of the future, from alternative investments to alternative medicine, from the blockchain to NFTs, and more.

Turbo-charge your training

Deliver your educational content and technology through Memre’s learning platform to increase memory retention, deepen knowledge and improve learning outcomes. Take advantage of spaced instruction for more effective learning, and AI-driven personalization to train at scale. Help your employees do their jobs better, with more confidence, safely and securely.

Improve organizational performance

Continuously train on new products and services, upgrades and iterations.  Create new sales and upselling opportunities through teams who can recall and apply accurate knowledge with confidence. Match customers with the solution experts they need based on their specific requirements. Build trust and form long-lasting relationships to increase customer retention and loyalty.


Count on Memre to cross the finish line

Develop and distribute engaging content to stimulate interactive experiences. Deliver personalized learning journeys with the power of AI.  Create the optimum content, study length, quizzes for each individual with algorithms that learn from millions of user interactions. Track performance to identify and help those who are falling behind. Take them across the finish line, to certification, to more senior positions, and to success.

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Setting up with Memre is simple

Memre is proficient on its own. Whether you’re an educational content publisher or a training provider, you can build expertise with Memre’s adaptive training platform. Yet it can be used to power your existing publisher educational platform, internal training software, or LMS, to take it to another level. With all-around compatibility, Memre is designed to work the way you do, seamlessly integrating with the apps and software you depend on. With standard LTI, or a simple API, Memre can power your learning software for deeper learning and longer-lasting knowledge.

Learn how to integrate Memre to your existing learning environment.

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Leading organizations build expertise with Memre learning technology.

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